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  • I guess You mean to create new mod rights request discussion topic inside the community, where i want mod rights (seems like an unsolicited way that pings and spends time of all members)

    Regarding contacting instance admins in case community has no active mods, i assume i go to parent instance (in this case https://lemmy.ml/ ) and scroll down to see the list of “admins:” in the sidebar. I click one, it says “You are not logged in. If you use a Fediverse account that is able to follow users, you can follow this user.” I am unsure how to follow ext. user via my home instance yet i have found this kind of URL: https://lemmings.world/u/username@external.instance (assuming my instance lemmings.world) and on it is a New message button that seems to be working. So it does not seems to be easy to contact custom external instance user who’s post i can not see on my instance. UPDATE: I can do it by using search icon and pasting: @username@external.instance (for the community, i use !community@external.instance) - this method is not apparent to a newbie