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  • Flight 4 ended with Starship igniting its three center Raptor engines and executing the first flip maneuver and landing burn since our suborbital campaign, followed by a soft splashdown of the ship in the Indian Ocean one hour and six minutes after launch.

    I still can’t believe that happened! Gives me so much confidence on their in-space propellant storage too, for some reason.

  • So no in-space engine relight just as we heard recently, but the interesting addition of jettison of the hot stage ring. I really hope that’s temporary!

    I also LOVE to see that they want to attempt to relight the raptors and do the flip of Starship survives entry! I wonder how confident they are that it will.

    Also in an update, SpaceX noted that both booster engine issues and RCS on IFT-3 were caused by filter blockages and clogged valves. Kind-of fascinating that’s still happening, but I have high hopes they will solve that soon!

  • Idk why you’re being down-voted. It really is a breath of fresh air not to have people calling Musk a god (twitter is heckin WEIRD).

    That being said, saying that SpaceX shouldn’t have gotten the contract is an unusual take. Care to explain?

    As for the funding, not only is it milestone-based (so they absolutely have not used it all up), but it’s pretty easy to see that the majority of the investment is coming from SpaceX itself. Honestly NASA got a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!